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Before answering WHEN a Design Sprint would be an excellent methodology to apply - first let's see when it might not give the result you are looking for when running a sprint:

  • You want to do too much at the same time and want to cover all aspects of complex product/service. Sprints focus on answering specific questions you don’t that are not obvious ones.

  • When exploring multiple use cases and hypothesis in one sprint (that lasts a week) you will not be able to address all of them in that relatively short amount of time.

  • You actually don't know what the problem is that. Make sure that you first define the problem and set a clear business goal and/ or client need. 

  • The solution is already known.

  • There is no support to execute any outcome of the sprint. 

  • The problem is too small and doesn't justify a full week of work that a standard UX process wouldn't answer.  Design Sprints are there to answer big questions and set/validate a direction.

  • Design Sprints are only effective when they are integrated with other process in the organization.


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