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You are never too young

never too old


Soon, on this page, I will talk more about some initiatives I am exploring to make sure that everybody in our society is able to benefit from the latest tools that are available via the Internet and on our mobile phones. If we don't pay the right attention to the people that are not brought up with Internet and Social networks (mind you that Facebook and Twitter are only around for 15 years) there is a possibility they get less included in nowadays digital society.


From tasks as eBanking, diner reservations, and online shopping, our digital devices make that all possible. But at the same time organisations and governments warn us about our privacy (or the lack of privacy). We hear daily about digital fraude, identity theft and other scenarios.  

My goal is to make people (of all ages) aware of the positive and also the negative side of our digital world we are living in. More will come soon but until then, if you have already a topic you feel you want to know more about, please contact me and we can discuss how we address it.

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