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Website creation and redesign

A good website is not just about a nice creative design. It should foremost provide the information your (future) client is looking for. As early as 1996 I started to build websites and online communities for large global brands, mainly in the Business to Consumer space. Based upon my experience I believe a good website should have these elements to be considered useful to your target audience. If you want to know more, please contact me and discuss your needs for a new website or a redesign of an existing one. 

User-friendly navigation

If you are offering the best services or products but it is almost impossible to find them, you are losing a great opportunity. The layout should be clear and well organised. Each main page or section should be in the main navigation. But don’t overdo it and the navigation becomes too complex to understand.

Web design and layout

Consider your homepage as your shop window. When people are walking by and are attracted to something they like, they will stop and take a closer look. Make sure it is clear what you have to offer.

Create an excellent user-journey and don’t be afraid to change it when feedback shows that people are less interested in some parts. A great user-experience, possibly with new innovative elements, or rich (humorous) graphical elements can help to bring your message to your audience.

Responsive design

Just make sure that your website is accessible on all devices. From PC to tablet and mobile phone.

Content writing

Make sure you have relevant and up-to-date content on your website. Via market research you will find out what terminology is used by your target audience to find your products and services. If your target audience are looking for shoes and you use footwear you might miss out on opportunities. Quality content creates trust.


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Even the nicest website might fail in reaching its targeted audience when the search engine requirements are not taking into the initial design of the website. The way your site shows up in the search engine rankings is depending upon a lot of parameters and is combination of visible and invisible elements. Just like content writing, research is critical to know how your potential consumers try to look for your products or services. 

Call to action (CTA)

If you want your audience to act make sure that they can do that directly. If you want them to contact you make sure this is set in a call-to-action and links directly to your contact-us section on your site. Other important parts are online purchase, subscribing to a newsletter etc.


To become more credible how clients perceive your services or products a testimonial section shows the comments and appreciations of satisfied customers. The testimonials make new visitors or customers more confident about your products or services. One testimonial on the homepage with a link to a separate page dedicated to other customers’ testimonials.

Story telling

Brand loyalty is very important for you, so customers should feel connected to your brand. The About Us section is ideal to present the story of your brand and company, especially when your company’s values are appreciated. It adds a personal touch to the website which can make the difference.

FAQs section

Make sure that returning questions are answered in the FAQ section or even better that the content is updated to provide the information in the relevant sections on your site.

Contact information

Nothing more frustrating than having a question or remark and there is no option to contact you. Make sure that the contact information is always available. If you set expectations e.g. “We will respond in 48 hours”, understand that you made a commitment with the potential client who contacted you.

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