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Before starting a sprint, it is important to be clear about the project, its context, deadlines and goals.

What types of projects are particularly well fitted for a Design Sprint ?

  • The creation of a new website, webapp or mobile

  • Redesign of a website or an existing application

  • The search for a creative solution to a specific problem

  • The need to align multiple visions or departments ( marketing, business , technology ... )

  • Projects aiming to be unique and innovative

When Design Sprint is not really required:
  • The product is already well defined

  • The project requires significant prior research

  • The project must be completed in a few days

  • The scope and business case are not yet defined

  • The team does not want to invest personally in the creative process

The team

When you decide to start a Sprint Design , you must think about your 'A team'. It is sometimes difficult to bring the different stakeholders into the same room, but the short timebox and the Sprint should allow you to have the right people in place. If you think your team lacks certain valuable skills, just let us know, and we will find the right professional from our network of experts.

See the Sprint as a unique opportunity to get your best professionals working together with a deep focus, for a few days.

More information about recommended profiles during a Sprint Design on the page: a new model of collaboration.


Sprints are booked in advance. Ideally participants email addresses are shared with the Sprintmasters to allow them to send. to send important information a few days in advance. By using Doodle, we easily find session dates that suit everybody.

The "war room"

Our consultant (Design Sprint facilitator) will come to you. The room that you put at disposal ( the "War Room " ) is an important component of Design Sprint. The ideal room is a quiet room , not too small , with blank walls and / or windows that will allow sticking Post-it notes and other materials throughout the Sprint. The room must be devoted to the Sprint the entire time.

It is necessary to have access to Wifi . It is ideal if the room is already equipped with whiteboards, flipcharts, etc. The Sprintmaster is responsible for bringing the necessary equipment ( Sticky , paper sheets, markers, and even cookies ... )

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