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This step, Google calls " diverge " or SKETCH.  It allows each participant to individually sketch their own interpretation of the future product. This avoids plain brainstorming and brings more interesting solutions to the table.

This approach is also sometimes used across a communication agency, which distributes its several creative teams to work on different concepts that will then be in competition. The best concept will then be chosen and developed.

This day allows you to explore several paths and sometimes bring back old ideas, which you had never really dared to speak of but can sometimes be excellent.

It is more than just brainstorming, you have to see this day as an experimental space where participants will sometimes have to work separately and often quietly. By the end of the afternoon, many ideas will emerge that may prove exciting and innovative.

Schedule of the second day

This second day of Sprint brings together different workshops :

  • Recap

  • Moodboards

  • Mind mapping

  • Crazy 8's

  • Storyboard

  • Silent critique

  • Group critique

  • Wrap-up

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