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This day is important, because this is where big decisions will be taken regarding the rest of the Sprint : what features will we keep? what are we going to prototype ? how can we simplify ? If decision makers (CEO , CTO , PM ...) can only participate for an hour throughout the whole sprint, it should be here.

The second day "Diverge" or SKETCH, will produce many ideas, which will be collected during this 3rd day into a coherent whole. From crazy ideas scattered on post-its we will create a full wireframed storyboard of the application.

Discussions are generally intense at this stage, which is absolutely normal. It is sometimes difficult to choose between two excellent competing ideas.

This day, in order to save time, we will try to work as soon as possible directly into the software (typically Adobe Illustrator or Sketch ) . All resulting files will be directly included in the prototype.

The different views (or pages) are designed, images, buttons, form fields, navigation are integrated. The idea is to create a consistent flow, that is ergonomic and ensures the best experience for the user.

Schedule of the 3rd day of Sprint

The third day of Sprint brings together various workshops. At this stage , the team may be small but it is important that policy makers take a moment of their day to explore alternatives and validate the direction to take.
  • Recap

  • Priorisation

  • Risks

  • Quick wins

  • Zen voting

  • Super votes

  • Team sketching

  • Wireframe - Storyboard

  • Wrap-up

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